Tech Production Tips

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it


  1. Use a simple roll around cart with the tools for a task layed out and easy to reach.

  2. Only pull a car in at the most 3 times. 1.Disassembly and for inspection and supplement. 2. Once the ALL OF THE PARTS in pull the car in and repair it. 3. Assembly.

  3. EMAIL YOUR SUPPLEMENTS. No need to go to the office. Email your additional items and get your repair secretary to email the approved paper work back to you. Or have them walk it back to you because you are busy.

  4. WISELY USE SUPPLIES. Sure that material may not come directly out of your pocket but if you are making a lot of trips to the supply cabinet you are loosing money!

THROW YOUR AIR HAMMER IN TH TRASH.  This is by far this tool is the tool that cost the most out of your pocket.This may be difficult to understand but believe me your pocket book will thank you and your co workers. *Think about it. You air hammer a chunk out of the panel (1). Then maybe trim it closer (2). You remove your welds (3). You airhammer the panels apart (4). You hammer and dolly and possibly weld up rips to the inner panels. (5). YOU REMOVED THAT PANEL 5 TIMES! 

  1. Try to remove all the welds for the panel you are replacing, making cuts for the sectioning and an occasional cut(s) to allow access to hidden welds as needed. 

  2. Use a cut off wheel, belt sander, or air saw. To save cost you can use a regular hack saw blade in the air saw. You can cut the hacksaw blades to the needed length for tight areas. 

  3. Use a panel separator and a dead blow hammer to neatly separate the damaged panel.  

  4. Remove the panel 1 time. 


    Metal is changing. It warps easier and workhardens quicker. The better your metal work the better your pay. 

  1. Youtube PDR tactics. 

  2. Use Glue tabs. 

  3. Practice. Practice. Practice

  4. IF YOU WIPE FILLER MORE THAN 2 TIMES on a damaged area the metal work is incorrect and you are loosing money.  The second wipe should be just to fill slight imperfections.

MIX THE PAINT WHEN THE CAR COME IN. Have the blendable color mixed and ready before the car makes it to the paint shop. Use the down time while drying to get the color in the metal side ready.

BACK TAPE AND USE PLASTIC.  It is much more efficient to back tape the openings and trim the plastic. 

Have a magnetic tape holder to keep the tape off the floor and within reach AT ALL TIMES.

WORK CLEAN. Weather a real broom or an air broom. Keep your work area clean. Throw away the clutter. All of those left over parts need to be tossed. If you think you might use a part in the future but have not touched in in 2 months, throw it out. It's costing you valuable storage space. 

HEAD PHONES. Wireless headphones are the best thing. Just having them in and people leave you alone. You can also keep working while explaining to your repair secretary that you need to get paid for all the work you are doing and its his check too!