Collision Repair - Farmersville, TX

Rusty's Bodywerks is your best choice for your collision repair needs. Our staff is trained and focused on making proper and safe repairs. We work with all insurance  to ensure the continued safety of your family and value of your vehicle.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty
All Insurance Accepted
Pick Up & Delivery Available
Computerized Frame Repair
Safe & Proper Repairs

Our TRANSFERABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY is the best in the industry, it covers our workmanship and paint work for as long as the vehicle is on the road. This provides you with a piece of mind and maintains the value of your vehicle if you were to trade it in or sell it. Because we use original parts and follow repair procedures we are able to stand behind our repairs far longer than the insurance preferred shops that tend to use counterfeit parts and take potentially dangerous short cuts in the name of cheap repairs.

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Proper repairs are vital to maintain your safety! Crash test have proved that if damage is repaired incorrectly or if cheap aftermarket parts are used then there is an increased risk of injury if you are in another collision.


You have the right to choose any repair shop! Sometimes insurance will try to persuade you to use their preferred or network shop. Be careful! These shops agree work cheap as possible in exchange for the insurance pushing customers their way.  Your vehicle is a large investment, do you really want to trust it to someone that depends on cheap repairs instead of building a quality reputation like we have here at Rusty's Bodywerks?

Rusty's Bodywerks values your safety! We research the repair procedures for each vehicle and use original factory parts.  We work for you and help settle your claim with the insurance company for safe and proper repairs.

You may be owed Diminished Value! Sometimes when your vehicle is damaged by someone else you are owed the loss of value because of the damage. We can assist you in getting compensated for others careless actions.


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